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Was Alice considered a member of the Brady Bunch because?

She never ate dinner with them, so were did she eat?
They treid to say she was part of the family but I dont think they really treated her that way?
Sam treated her pretty bad too, all he did was take her bowling once in a blue moon! Did they ever get married???

How much did she get paid, on and off the set? She only had ONE outfit the entire show, whos idea was that???

Please tell me everything you know about Alice,
iam going to do a science project on Alice , thanks

Alice did have her own room, it was off the laundry room. She either ate in the kitchen or in her room. I guess as much as they said she was one of the family they did treat her like a slave. She had her uniform, which was good so she did not dirty her few other clothes. They did take her on vacation, I guess working vacations ( Hawaii, camping, and out west -remember the ghost town) and she did wear regular clothes, and even got to learn the Hula dance. She once went on vacation on her own and her cousin an ex- military person stayed with the Brady’s for the week. They could not wait for Alice to return since the cousin had them up at dawn to exercise. Once Alice felt un- appreciated and quit and went to work at a luncheonette, but the kids went there and convinced her to come back because they missed her. She did not get married to Sam, I think they did get engaged but I also think she did not want to leave the Brady’s. She must have gotten paid but she also got room and board, and as for getting paid she was a working actress so she did make good money. She was also in the recent Brady Bunch movies, and got paid for them also. I think I read she is a missionary of some sort and very happy. Also she was very discrete, she never disclosed the fact that father Brady was gay, and that Greg and Carol had a date, and that supposedly Marcia and Jan had some sort of “thing” one time or another.

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